Can I convert vellus hair to terminal?

Many men with a lot of velvety hair would like to develop these into thick and hard barbed hairs instead. The reality is that each one of us has the full beard hair follicles.

Yeah, also the man with the smoothest cheeks ever, he even has the follicles below.

The converting vellus hair to terminal beard has many causes, but the androgens are the biggest and most significant.

If the hormones bind to the androgen receptors, dht and testosterone enter into the cell’s dna and thus facilitate masculinization.

The masculinizing effect is the conversion of the beard from the vellum to the end bar when the hormones bind to the receptors of your face hair region.

The beard follicle links with the sebaceous gland and spreads thicker and darker hair via androgenic stimulation.

It then reaches the anagen beard growth stage and literally pushes out the old thin strand of hair. This generally starts in puberty and ends up in a man’s life.

Depending on your androgen levels as well as your androgen receptor sensitivity, you can either see the beard growth or see only thin vellum hair on your face.type of hair

Ways to transforming vellus to terminal hair

Vitamin D3 vitamin

Vitamin D has long been known to play a part in the development of male hormone testosterone, making it possibly the most important vitamin in barley growth.

Correct your diet

Nutrition is one of the most important factors for the growth of face and hormones when your vellus beard is transformed into that thick androgenic terminal male.

  • do not eat a bunny fitness diet. Men on low-calorie diets tend to report lower androgen levels.
  • consume enough glucose in the processing of carbs, testosterone and dht, and the t3 and t4 thyroid hormones. These are important for the growth of facial hair).
  • consume medium fat, but ensure that polyunsaturated vegetable oils are containing additional monounsaturated fats and saturated fats.
  • get some protein, but not too much, detrimental to protein deficiency, but it also means surplus protein.


I hope that these measures have improved you and that the peach bubble barb will eventually transform to thicker dark hair.

So hopes this post answered some of your burning questions and helps you turn the vellus beard into a terminal, it definitely took some time to compose and compile.