How To Find Out The Right Skin Tone?

Nowadays, most of peoples choosing the perfect foundation shade according to their skin tone. Initially, you have to understand your real skin color and then only you can able to produce flawless makeup on your face. You have to be very careful while selecting the concealer, blush, foundation, and bronze for your makeup if it goes wrong your face will look like an uncanny porcelain doll.

The skin tone or undertone is used to indicate the shade of your skin like light, dark and medium. Even though, if you have a lighter skin tone in the winter and darker skin tone in the summer, your undertone also remains the same. Let see how to determine skin tone.

  • Cleanse Your Face Clearly:

You have to wash your face to remove the lotion, toner or makeup for finding the right skin tone. Before going to proceed, you have to rest your skin for 15 minutes. If you rub, your face with a towel means, it may look pink for a certain period and you will difficult to find the true skin tone.

  • Determine The Natural Light Source:

If you are standing near the variety of light bulbs, your skin may look differently like the green cast, yellow and pink. You have to prefer a sunny spot to find your exact undertones.

  • Try to sit next to a door or window
  • If you have a chance to go on the outdoor seating area, better go outside.

Check The Color Of Your Veins:

If you are waiting for determining skin tone, you have to check the color of your veins present in the inside of your wrist. This is one of the simplest ways to determine your real skin tone if your veins are visible to your eyes. Have to show your arm in the natural sunlight for determining the predominant color.

  • If your veins look likes a blue or green in color, you have an olive skin tone
  • If it appears green, you people have a warm undertone
  • If it appears purple or blue, you people are having a cool skin tone.

figure out skin tone

  • Check The Reaction Of Your Skin In Front Of The Sun:

You have to find out the reaction of your skin in front of the sunlight. Does your skin get tan easily? Do you feel the burning of your skin? The melanin pigment present in your body determines the reaction, and also help you to identify the skin tone. Let see how to figure out skin tone.

  • If your skin gets tan easily means, you have more melanin pigment in your body or a neutral skin tone.
  • In case, your skin burns easily, you have a cooler skin tone or you have a less melanin content in your body.
  1. Have To Use Silver And Gold Foil:

You have to take a gold foil in front of your face, the light will get reflecting back on your skin. You can also try these methods by using the silver foil. The reflection will help you to find the real skin tone.

Thus, these are all the important methods you have to use for finding the right skin tone.